Hotelbar Waidring: A drink with a twinkle in its eye

The Hotelbar Waidring and the lounge are inviting areas at first and at second glance. The stylish furniture in cream tones is a pleasing combination of wood and colourful fabrics. There are also some humorous details: cowbells doubling as lamps hanging above the bar counter, cushions in the shape of the Alps and with snow-covered lace distributed around the sofas. Now add in some soothing sounds and, of course, the drinks themselves. How about a local Egger beer, for example? The first historical mention of this private brewery was made in a 17th-century document. Or would you like something even stronger from the Aggstein Edelbrände distillery, which has been run by the same Tyrolean family for five generations? Signature cocktails and wines as well as small dishes are also on the bar menu, of course.

Opening hours

Monday till Sunday
12:00pm – 11:00pm